Domaine de Perry

True Nature

True Nature
Horse livery service for permanent or holiday boarding - Rehabilitation. Near Toulouse and Carcassonne

A quiet family run friendly and relaxed livery in the south of France.

Perry is dedicated to taking good care of horses and their owners.

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Le Domaine de Perry provides full service facilities. Livery Details.
  • Gestation and foaling.
  • Rehabilitation, post- trauma and operation centre.
  • Convalescence.
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  • Daily treatments using both veterinary prescribed medical compounds and aromatherapy using natural herbal oils, ointments and creams produced from the local flora at Domaine de Perry. Details.
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When the time has come for your horse to retire why not offer him the possibility and space to enjoy the vast fields of Domaine de Perry and allow him to live in a hoard with his equine friends.
When you come and visit take the opportunity to do an extended randonné - hacking - in our beautiful oak forests. We have hundreds of miles of equestrian tracks starting at our doorstep. Our livery

Give yourself and your horse the chance to discover a bit of paradise for both of you
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