Domaine de Perry

True Nature

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Each horse is treated as an individual and are kept in well maintained fields from 2 to 20 Ha each (5 to 50 acres), stables are mucked out thoroughly everyday. Horses are fed only the best brands and types of feed as to their individual needs.

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Our fencing is 2 strands of 5 cm electric tape only and we separate horses as appropriate to avoid any accidents.
We have a strict worming programme for all horses at the Domaine de Perry.

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Regularly cleaned litter beds with fresh straw.

Contact us for details and conditions on student pricing.

The base price includes :

  • Access to equipment
  • Hay, straw, grain feed
  • Salt rock
  • Basic pharmacy
  • Basic care and surveillance
  • Planning with veterinairies and ferrers
  • Showering facilities

Terms & Conditions

- The Horse must have a recent veterinary report.
- Up to date vaccinations/inoculations.
- The horse must be free from infectious desease.
- De-worming within 8 days prior to the arrival date.
- The horse should be free of ticks, lice, flat flies and eggs bots.
- Personal equipment (halters, brushes, pads, bridles, rugs) must be brought with the horse.
We grant the right to refuse a horse considered dangerous to humans or other horses.